Cosmetic procedure rise linked to obesity rates

The recent rise in cosmetic surgery procedures performed on men is linked to rising obesity rates.

This is the opinion of Dr Ian Banks, president of the Men's Health Forum, who believes that males value a "quick fix" more than females and are increasingly seeing operations such as gynaecomastia as the answer to their weight issues.

"It is the sheer convenience of the whole thing when the other way is so much more difficult and so much harder," he said

Dr Banks stated that many men were having a difficult time dealing with their rising weight and the conflicting pressures on them placed by prevailing ideas in society.

He explained that men wanted to conform to the ideal body image, but were finding that difficult through healthy eating and exercise.

Dr Banks was speaking after new figures from the British Association of Aesthetics Plastic Surgeons revealed that more liposuction, tummy tucks and man boob operations were performed on males in 2011 than in previous years.

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Cosmetic procedure rise linked to obesity rates
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