Cosmetic dentistry 'restores youth'

Cosmetic dentistry can restore youth, according to one dentist and founder of the Richmond Smile Center.

Charles Martin has claimed that dental implants result in a more youthful appearance because they maintain the bone structure of the face.

"Seniors with dental implants are able to eat better than those with dentures or with uncorrected tooth loss, and they report feeling better about themselves," he added.

The cosmetic dentistry expert explained that removable dentures can make it difficult to chew some health foots, which in turn can result in an increase of gastrointestinal disorders.

Furthermore, dentures also accelerate gum and bone erosion and many wearers find themselves gaining additional wrinkles, losing facial tone and having difficulty speaking, Mr Martin claimed.

Dental implants, however, should not cause bone or gum loss or affect speech and are generally more comfortable.

Implants are anchored to the jawbone and can then have a new tooth attached to them by a skilled dentists if required. They also tend to protect adjacent teeth from excessive stress due to their design.

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Cosmetic dentistry 'restores youth'
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