Cosmetic dentistry is now 'more comfortable for patients'

Advances in the technology used to carry out cosmetic dentistry procedures have made the experience more comfortable for the patient, claims an industry insider.

Dr Joshua Friedman, a dentist at Ray Dental Group, said it is due to these technological advances that people can have treatments such as inlays or onlays conveniently.

He highlighted a treatment called Invisalign as an example of how cosmetic dentistry has improved such procedures.

Instead of having traditional dental braces to correct tooth alignment, Invisalign involves having a set of clear plastic retainers put on each tooth, which can be taken off for cleaning.

"I enjoy cosmetic and implant dentistry and would be happy to be known as the smile dentist," Dr Friedman added.

He stated that the way cosmetic dentistry is different to more conventional tooth care is that it "seeks to improve or preserve your smile".

The Ray Dental Group was founded in 1953 and is based in the Rapid City area of South Dakota.


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Cosmetic dentistry is now 'more comfortable for patients'
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