Cosmetic dentistry Hollywood smiles

Dentists in the UK are noticing a fast transition from preventative and curative dentistry to cosmetic, the British Dental Health Foundation has revealed.

Foundation spokesman Simon Howell said that cosmetic dentistry was becoming "part and parcel of health and beauty in the UK", and dental health adviser Karen Coates attributed much of the trend to the fact that consumers are constantly being "blasted with images from Hollywood".

"The more we see people in magazines with the perfect straight, white smile, the more we're striving for that ourselves I suppose," she commented.

"Tooth whitening is very popular for people whose teeth are generally a good shape and are straight because you're just lightening the colour of the teeth. Obviously it won't whiten any fillings or crowns that they have in," Ms Coates explained.

For those patients wishing to change the shape of their teeth, the expert says that there is the option of crowns or veneers.

"You're going to get that stock Hollywood smile with all the teeth in line, all the same height, and as white as you want to go," she added.

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Cosmetic dentistry Hollywood smiles
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