Correct diagnosis 'important for memory problems'

People who are concerned about their memory have been encouraged to see a doctor.

Alison Cranage, spokeswoman for Alzheimer's Research UK, said that it is important to discuss matters with a doctor in order to determine the reason behind the memory loss.

It could be related to stress, depression or simply getting older, she explained.

Ms Cranage added: "Alzheimer's and other types of dementia are complex.

"It's becoming clear that they don't have one single cause. It is likely that a mixture of our age, genes, environment and lifestyle contribute to whether we develop dementia."

Earlier this month the Alzheimer's Society published a study suggesting that around half a million people will be living with the mental health condition by 2021 but without a diagnosis.

Ms Cranage advised people to take regular exercise, eat a healthy diet and keep an eye on their blood pressure to attempt to lower the chances of dementia. 


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Correct diagnosis 'important for memory problems'
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