Cook at home to cut down on salt

People looking for ways to eat more healthily and cut down on their salt consumption have been urged to trycooking at home and experimenting with new ingredients to reduce cravings.

Consensus Action on Salt and Health nutritionist Hannah Brinsden noted that processed foods tend to have particularly high fat content, but insisted adapting to a low-salt diet is achievable through a few simple steps.

"Cooking at home is a good way to avoid hidden salt," she observed. "Try not to use salt in cooking or at the table, but instead use other ingredients such as herbs, spices, lemon, pepper and chilli."

Ms Brinsden added that there is relatively little to choose in terms of taste between home-cooked food and processed meals high in salt content and suggested those who make the switch rarely regret it.

Earlier this week, research from Duke University Medical Center indicated that salt consumption and taking addictive drugs stimulated the same part of the brain.

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Cook at home to cut down on salt
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