Consumers avoid paying regular bills to fund botox

Cosmetic surgery aficionados are so determined to keep going with their regular botox top-ups that some are even delaying regular bill payments in order to fund their jabs, it has been revealed.

Riverbanks Clinic, which offers dermatological and non-surgical treatments in Harpenden, has witnessed a rise in botox treatments despite the decidedly frosty financial climate.

Medical director Dr Jain revealed that many of his patients would rather make sacrifices in other areas of their lives than give up their botox treatments.

He revealed: "Just last week, one patients told me she'd be prepared to give up anything except her botox treatments.

"It would seem that many people are considering this once 'luxury' spend as an essential part of their lives and one which they don't intend on giving up just because the country is in recession."

The director pointed out that botox treatments start at just £200 - the amount someone might spend on a shopping spree or a few nights out.

Riverbanks offers a range of treatments, including dermal fillers, teeth whitening and laser hair removal.


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Consumers avoid paying regular bills to fund botox
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