Advertisement advises holidaymakers to be prepared

Following the recent collapse of XL Airways, it is even more vital for holidaymakers to check their travel insurance policy before heading off on holiday.

Not all insurance providers will offer cover for extenuating circumstances such as the situation facing thousands of stranded passengers at the moment.

Jeremy Moll, from price comparison website, is advising passengers to be prepared for any upcoming holidays:

"Check the terms and conditions on your travel insurance policy closely. Not all insurance providers offer cover should the airline you are travelling with close down whilst you are away. If you have any concerns about the airline / travel company you are traveling with you should always shop around for a policy that covers you for every eventuality.

"Be prepared. Travellers are likely to make their own arrangements for their holiday, as opposed to booking through a travel agent or tour operator. If this is you, it might leave you in a more vulnerable position should something go wrong. If you book with tour operators you should be able to claim a full refund from ATOL so take contact numbers with you. Flights booked separately will not be covered through the ATOL scheme, however it's always worth checking with the airline to see if they have made any arrangements to help people come home should something happen. Paying for a flight on a credit card should also make it possible to claim back an airfare through the credit card provider."

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