City workers seeking help for depression

A growing number of City high fliers are seeking help for depression and alcohol abuse, experts at the Priory Group have revealed.

The group, which provides acute mental health services, is experiencing increasing numbers of professionals from the financial sector seeking treatment as a result of the credit crunch.

Spokesman Dr Richard Bowskill noted: "What people sometimes forget is the human cost behind the headlines.

"At times of financial uncertainty what we see is increased levels of anxiety disorders amongst City workers and often alcohol and cocaine misuse becomes a coping mechanism as the stress increases."

The expert pointed out that, for many younger adults, this is likely to be the first time they have experienced financial hardship and they may not know how to cope with such difficult times.

A number of signs may indicate that a person needs professional help, he revealed, including feeling miserable, sad and exhausted; having difficulty sleeping or waking up early; no longer enjoying sex or food; or feeling like a failure.


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City workers seeking help for depression
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