Children get fruity with Bupa

Children will soon be keeping fit and eating healthily thanks to ‘Activ-Eat', a new initiative for primary schools from Bupa.

Bupa's Activ-Eat is a health education programme for children aged six to nine years, designed to make healthy eating fun and memorable for children.

As a part of Activ-Eat, children will be given a pedometer each to encourage them to do more physical activity and are left with a three-week challenge to eat five fruit and vegetables a day. The winners will receive special prizes from Bupa.

Bupa will also provide ongoing support to the schools with a series of information booklets throughout the year, offering parents dietary advice for their children.

Bupa plans to deliver the Activ-Eat programme to 3,240 children across 27 schools in the UK by the end of 2009.

The aim is for each child to take part in the three-week challenge, so that the five-a-day message is reinforced, affecting 48,600 lunch breaks.

Bupa plans to deliver healthy eating information booklets to over 6,000 parents four times a year, spreading the healthy messages into the wider communities. This will mean the distribution of 12,960 books by the end of 2009.The aim is that through the participation of the programme, children will be 80% more likely to make healthy food choices and apply such knowledge to choices in the future.


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Children get fruity with Bupa
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