Children becoming 'taller and fatter'

Recent research has found that today's 11-year-olds are taller and fatter than their counterparts in 1978.

Select Research conducted the study, which is the first ever nationwide sizing survey conducted with 3D body scanners.

It revealed that the waistlines of young girls are an average of 8cm bigger than those of kids in the late 1970s.

Indeed, the average 11-year-old's waistline has increased by 13.9 per cent but young people are also increasing in height.

Girls were on average 2cm taller, while boys were around 4cm taller.

Richard Barnes from the research company commented: "The increases in waist circumference since 1978 show that children have got bigger.

"However, increases in height and chest size show that children in the UK have grown over the years in many ways."

Mr Barnes added that 3D technology could help to provide medical institutions with more information and insight in to health risks and also "change perceptions of what health interventions are required".


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Children becoming 'taller and fatter'
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