Childhood obesity treatment 'a focus on both sides of Atlantic'

Obesity treatments and new ways of tackling the problems associated with being overweight have been discussed in a new report.

Using information gathered by the London Metropolitan University and City University of New York, A Tale of Two ObesCities looks at the similarities between London and New York in terms of childhood obesity.

The report identifies ways in which the two cities could tackle the rising health problem.

Promoting walking and cycling and facilitating more active lifestyles were among the recommendations put forward to encourage healthier children.

Professor Eileen O'Keefe of London Metropolitan University commented: "London and New York face common challenges with highly mobile populations, child poverty, and overcrowding.

"The report demonstrates that the two cities' approaches towards tackling these issues are different, and so they could benefit from collaboration and learning from each other's experiences."

In London, 36.3 per cent of children are obese by the age of 11.

New York has a slightly higher rate with 40 per cent of children of a similar age classed as clinically overweight.


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Childhood obesity treatment 'a focus on both sides of Atlantic'
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