Cervical screening uptake 'would increase with flexibility'

Flexibility on the part of GPs would help to increase the level of uptake of cervical cancer screening.

This is according to Patrick Shervington, chief executive of Women's Health Concern.

Mr Shervington said: "If more and more surgeries are open for longer hours, then [women] can be fitted in.

"Then de facto, there will be a rise in the uptake of screening. Flexible surgery hours or health centre hours would make a positive difference."

Meanwhile, recent figures published by Jo's Trust showed that 20 per cent of women in the UK do not go to their cervical cancer screening.

Balancing appointments with work appears to be an issue, with 39 per cent of those surveyed who work having missed or delayed their screening because they found it hard to leave their job in order to attend the surgery.

Mr Shervington remarked that more flexibility in hours on the part of GP surgeries would help by that it is also important for men – be they employers, partners or friends – to be "understanding, very caring and very supportive" of women's health issues.


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Cervical screening uptake 'would increase with flexibility'
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