Celebs 'increasing mental health awareness'

Celebrities may be the cause of a growing number of diagnoses of bi-polar disorder.

Dr Diana Chan and Dr Lester Sireling, psychiatrists from the Royal College of Psychiatrists, have suggested that this increase could be due to the willingness of celebrities to discuss their mental health problems.

Stars such as Stephen Fry, Robbie Williams and Carrie Fisher have all voiced their personal experiences of mood disorders in the past.

Sophie Corlett, director of external relations at mental health charity Mind, commented: "When well known people, such as celebrities, speak out about their personal experiences it helps to raise awareness of how common mental health problems are and what those experiences are really like."

She added: "It can help educate people about mental health and help others to realise that they are not alone, and that people from all walks of life can be affected."

Established research suggests that around one in every 100 adults suffer from bipolar disorder in the UK. However, more recent studies have suggested this figure could be as high as 11 in every 100.

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Celebs 'increasing mental health awareness'
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