Celebrities fuel DIY cosmetic surgery

People trying to emulate their favourite celebs are increasingly turning to DIY cosmetic surgery, claims a leading consultant psychiatrist.

Dr David Veale has warned that attempting to carry out cosmetic surgery at home is dangerous and is unlikely to improve one's appearance.

Instead, anyone hoping to look younger, more attractive or thinner should consult professional cosmetic surgery providers.

There is evidence that DIY surgery is on the increase, with some people even attempting their own tummy tucks or using glue to pin back ears. In one case a man carried out a DIY nose job using a chisel and a chicken bone.

Dr Veale, employed at the Priory, said that many people are desperate to emulate famous stars and are constantly comparing themselves to unrealistic images of models and TV celebs, with the most desperate resorting to DIY cosmetic surgery.

"I have had women who have drawn what they think they look like and you wouldn't believe how wrong they really are," explained Dr Veale.


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Celebrities fuel DIY cosmetic surgery
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