Cancer treatment effectiveness leads to drop in mortality rates

Cancer treatment is proving effective, as has been illustrated by a study published today (August 13th), which shows a drop in mortality rates among patients with the disease.

Researchers have revealed that deaths from the disease have been falling for the past thirty years.

This is despite the World Health Organization's recent claim that cancer will overtake heart disease as cause of death by 2010, which is largely due to the more rapid decline in mortality rates from heart-related illness.

Dr Richard Severson, cancer epidemiologist and associate chair of the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences at Wayne State University, commented on the research.

He said: "When calculating proportional mortality, we start with the assumption that everyone dies of something eventually, so you take 100 deaths and calculate, based on death certificates, what those people have died from."

"In childhood cancer particularly, we're able to do amazing things with leukemia and lymphoma that used to be a death sentence but now we are curing many of these cancers."

Research carried out by Harvard Medical School has found that aspirin may be an effective treatment for bowel cancer.

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Cancer treatment effectiveness leads to drop in mortality rates
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