Cancer patients with dense breasts more likely to suffer recurrence

Woman who have undergone successful breast cancer treatment are more likely to suffer a recurrence of their tumour of they have dense bosoms, it has been found.

According to a new study from the Women's College Research Institute in Toronto, Canada, those with high density - classified as greater than 50 per cent dense tissue - had a 21 per cent chance of recurrence of their cancer.

This was compared to a five per cent chance among those with less than 25 per cent dense tissue.

Lead researcher Doctor Steven Narod explained: "The composition of the breast tissue surrounding the breast cancer is important in predicting whether or not a breast cancer will return after surgery."

The research, which is published in the December 15th issue of the American Cancer Society journal Cancer, found that those at greater risk may benefit from additional therapies once their cancer treatment has come to an end.

Meanwhile, scientists have discovered a new lipid in the North Atlantic Ocean that could be used in research around new cancer treatments.


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Cancer patients with dense breasts more likely to suffer recurrence
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