Cancer patients 'choose silicone over saline'

Patients undergoing cosmetic surgery after having a mastectomy have indicated a preference for silicone breast implants.

Research from the US found that women, who had silicone implants after their breasts were removed due to cancer, were more satisfied with their cosmetic surgery than women who had saline implants.

Published in the journal Cancer, the research was lead by Dr Colleen McCarthy, a reconstructive surgeon.

Dr McCarthy said: "We now know that women who elect to proceed with the placement of a silicone implant report higher satisfaction with their reconstructed breasts than those who choose saline implants."

However, patients who had radiation therapy after a mastectomy were significantly less satisfied with their implants, regardless of whether they were silicone or saline.

Of the 482 women that completed the questionnaires for the research, 176 with silicone implants were significantly more satisfied with their breasts than the 306 who had received saline ones.

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Cancer patients 'choose silicone over saline'
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