Taking a family-based approach to combating obesity could lead more people to successful weight-loss.

This is the view of Tam Fry, spokesman for the National Obesity Forum, who claimed getting the whole family involved is "the only way to go". Such an approach could also help people undergoing obesity treatment.

According to the Manchester Evening News, a new programme is being launched to inform overweight families about having healthy lifestyles.

MEND (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition…Do it!) will take obese adults to the supermarket and tell them how to eat more healthily.

"Trips to supermarkets are hugely important when done in the proper way, and people are trained to point out which breakfast cereals are stuffed with high fat levels, [for example]," Mr Fry said, adding that targeting families is better than lecturing people with leaflets.

British Heart Foundation Professor Mark Hanson from Southampton University recently stated that having a healthy diet when pregnant can be important for the child's health and could even reduce the likelihood of the child becoming obese or overweight.

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Can obesity treatment involve the whole family?
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