Campaign urges discussion about contraception

A new government campaign will encourage young people to discuss sexual health and contraception with their parents.

Teenage births have fallen to their lowest level for 15 years, but health experts are still concerned by youngsters' lax attitudes towards their sexual health.

Previous research has shown that people who discuss relationships tend to be more likely to make informed choices and this has prompted the government to launch its new 'Contraception. Worth Talking About' campaign.

Public health minister Gillian Merron explained: "The government's campaign is designed to change attitudes and show young people that having open conversations with their partners, friends, parents and health professionals is a must - it isn't something to be embarrassed about.

"We're striving for a culture of safer sex and better relationships."

The campaign is backed up by a survey published earlier this month which revealed that nearly one in four people choose a contraceptive method without learning about alternatives.

This reflects a survey published in February by the Family Planning Association, which found that a third of women spend just five minutes selecting their method of contraception.


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Campaign urges discussion about contraception
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