Call for evidence on long-term care

The Commission on Funding of Care and Support is an independent body set up by government to make recommendations on how we can achieve an affordable and sustainable funding system for care and support, for all adults in England, both in the home and other settings. It will also be looking at funding in the context of broader support for older people and other users of care services. The commission is required to report on its findings to government by end July 2011.

It has launched a call for evidence to seek views on the future funding of care and support. This is aimed at asking those with an interest in future funding models to provide their expert view. It also welcomes any other suggestions or comments people might have.

In recent years, there have been a number of different models of reform proposed by government, a Royal Commission, think tanks and academics. While sustained effort has focused on outlining the need for action to support an ageing population, the Commission wants to build on this and ensure that it has gathered all the evidence available.  In particular, it wants to understand issues like whether there are those in need of support who are not receiving it.

Most critically, the Commission is keen to hear views on how best to reform the funding system. As part of this, the Commission has identified four key priorities it thinks reform will need to address:

  • Increased resources - public, private and voluntary – will need to be dedicated to care and support in future
  • People should have the opportunity to be protected against the future costs of care and support
  • People need to understand how the care and support system works and be encouraged to plan accordingly
  • People need to be clear about the role of the wider system of public support (including the NHS and social security)

Chairman Andrew Dilnot says, “Access to new ideas and perspectives is critical if we are to find a lasting solution to a sustainable and resilient care system – both in terms of funding and delivery. We are facing a demographic shift that means more of us are likely to need help with day-to-day task as we age, face disability or illness. The numbers over 65s are projected to grow by 50% over the next 20 years and those over 90 will nearly treble. This means demand for care and support will increase by around two thirds. The system needs to change to better meet these challenges. All options are currently under consideration and we are open to new suggestions. The call for evidence is our attempt at harnessing the thinking that has gone on to date and encouraging those with expertise and interest in this area to share their views.”

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Call for evidence on long-term care
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