Bupa space travel insurance

Bupa Travel insurance is boldly going where no travel insurers have gone before - into space.

The firm, which already offers travel insurance in specialist areas such as skiing and gap year travel, is looking at the space tourist market as its next area of insurance.

Richard Branson’s Virgin Group is planning flights into space as early as 2009 and, with test flights due to start this year, space travel will soon be a reality.

"We provide insurance cover to people in 190 countries so it wouldn't be a giant leap to add outer space to that list," says Nick Potter Head of Bupa Travel. "We are looking into space tourism as a real market for the next generation of travellers, especially as Russian cosmonauts have already taken tourists up into space. Obviously we have to take into account various issues, such as the effect such a journey would have on the human body, although clarity will come in this new area of travel within the next decade."


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Bupa space travel insurance
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