Brits sacrifice sex to live to 100

According to new research from health insurer Bupa.

Britons are ready to take a vow of celibacy if it means they can chalk up a century, with 40 percent of people prepared to give sex the cold shoulder to ensure a letter from the Queen.

Women would be the ones most prepared to pass up passion (48 percent) compared to just 31 percent of men in a bid to prolong life, while 39 percent of those polled would be ready to sacrifice eating and drinking whatever they wanted or travel (42 percent) to ensure they lived to 100.

The lure of long life can’t be bought at any price and there are some things people won’t give up. Nine out of 10 people (94 percent) would not be ready to give up the company of friends and family, or money (74 percent).

The findings are just a small part of a snapshot of ageing Britain commissioned for the Bupa Health Debate, which brings together key influencers to discuss topical health issues.

The research reveals that if we had a choice, we only aspire to live on average to 85. On the issue of when old age begins – the young and old are divided. The 16-24 year olds see it as commencing at 61, while those of 75 and over see it as being marked at 71.

Whatever the motivation, most of us want an easy life with two-thirds thinking it is more important to live life sensibly and reach a ripe old age than live fast and die young.


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Brits sacrifice sex to live to 100
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