Brits at risk from unhealthy lifestyles

The nation appears to be stuck in a downward spiral of unhealthy lifestyles as Britons look to save time and money by cutting back on exercise and healthy activity, suggests PruHealth research that tracks the nation’s health trends across stress, exercise, diet, smoking, health knowledge and check-ups.

The number of people reporting that they never exercise has increased. Of those who do exercise, less than a third exercise four times a week or more and the percentage of adults doing the government-recommended 30 minutes of exercise each session has fallen.

It is the perceived cost of exercising and eating healthily that is driving more people to cut exercise and healthy eating out of their daily routines.

Shaun Matisonn at PruHealth comments: “Three-quarters of people see the health of themselves and their loved ones as a key priority, but for the majority it would take a diagnosis of ill health to motivate any significant change of lifestyle. Finding a way to motivate a change in lifestyle is the biggest hurdle. We need to find a way of helping people to stop thinking about what they should be doing for their health and actually doing it. We need to set achievable targets, this way people can take action now to prevent illness.”

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Brits at risk from unhealthy lifestyles
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