Britons vote sex as their top free activity

A charity is reminding people about the importance of good sexual health following the news that many Britons are relying on sex to keep them entertained during the credit crunch.

The Terrence Higgins Trust commissioned a YouGov survey of over 2,000 people in England, Scotland and Wales and found that sex was the most popular choice for free entertainment.

More people would rather do that than gossip with friends, visit a museum or go window shopping, the poll suggests.

"We're glad that people are finding ways of relieving some of their credit crunch woes, but if there's one thing it's worth forking out for, it's condoms," said Lisa Power, the charity's head of policy.

"Alternatively you can get them free from family planning and sexual health clinics," she noted.

Ms Power pointed out that rates of sexually transmitted infections are rising - a claim borne out by new figures from the Health Protection Agency.

The latest statistics show that the number of people living with HIV in the UK has risen to 77,400 with new diagnoses up by six per cent in 2007, highlighting the importance of barrier contraception.


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Britons vote sex as their top free activity
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