British men 3rd fattest in Europe

A new report by the World Health Organisation has revealed that British men are the 3rd fattest in Europe and 21st fattest in the world.

  • Greece – 77.5% of over 15 year old males oveweight or obese
  • Malta – 73.3%
  • Great Britain – 67.8%

Looking at the worldwide picture, out of 192 countries, British men were ranked 21st fattest. The picture for women is slightly better – British females were 51st fattest in the world. The report also found that as a nation we are 9th least active. In fact, 63.3% of adults exercise less than the recommended half an hour of 5 times a week.

The WHO’s report into the rise of non-communicable diseases (such as heart and lung disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes) warned that so-called “lifestyle diseases” accounted for 63% of all deaths in 2008, or 36 million people. With the rise in obesity, that number is set to rise to 52 million by 2030.

A spokesperson for The Hospital Group, leading UK provider of weight loss surgery such as the gastric band, said “This new research is a real concern and shows the continual growth of the obesity epidemic worldwide.   

The rising tide of obesity in the UK is affecting people from all walks of society.  Our lives are so busy that it is hard to fit exercise in and pre-prepared foods become a quicker, easier option.  Food is also seen as an everyday affordable luxury and occasional treats can quickly become a daily indulgence, piling on excess calories.  

However, thanks to media activity, awareness of the obesity problem in the UK is high.  Patients coming to us are fully aware of the health risks they are facing due to carrying excess weight and are motivated to take action on their obesity.   

We have thousands of enquiries every year for weight loss procedures from patients who know they need help to lose weight in order to cure the obesity-related conditions in order to improve their health and longevity.

Our latest figures (January to April) show that 2011 is seeing a remarkable 16% increase in enquiries for the gastric band procedure, with enquiries from men up 24%; reflecting the WHO research showing that 2 out of 3 British males are over the recommended BMI.

For those seeking surgery, our team have a remarkable success rate – 99% of our patients lose weight with a gastric band and many obesity-related conditions ease or are even cured as the weight starts to come off.

Our team of experts offers expert confidential advice on whether a patient is suitalbe for a weight loss procedure such as a gastric band or gastric bypass.”


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British men 3rd fattest in Europe
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