In a world where so many people find it hard to be bothered, Simplyhealth is encouraging the nation to show it still cares by launching its first ever Bothered Week. The week runs from 6 to 12 September and focuses on the importance of being bothered about the health, happiness and wellbeing of our family, friends and communities.

The week has been broken down into five themed days and will concentrate on different aspects:

Monday marks the launch of the week and the release of the third Bothered Britain Report

  • Tuesday focuses on taking more time to care about families and family health
  • Wednesday is all about the workplace and encouraging employees and employers to take time to think about health and wellbeing
  • Thursday takes being bothered into the community, and encourages everyone to get out in the community to volunteer or consider others more
  • Friday will concentrate on your own health, and the company will release the findings of a study that aims to prove that helping others does make you feel happier and healthier


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