Breast surgery 'not to attract men'

Only one in eight people ask their GP for advice before deciding to have cosmetic surgery, a new survey has found.

According to the latest research by Which?, consumers are failing to consult their GP before opting for cosmetic surgery, with only 15 per cent of people who were planning surgery and 11 per cent of patients who had already had surgery visiting their own doctor first.

Which? health campaigner Frances Blunden said that it was "quite shocking" to discover how many people trust magazine adverts and don't consult their GP before deciding to have cosmetic surgery.

"It's not a decision to take lightly, particularly as, in some cases, people will undergo a major operation which obviously involves risks that should be talked through with their own, impartial doctor first," she said.

The survey found that people were more likely to have asked friends or family for advice instead of their doctor.

However, four in five people who did visit their doctor said that the advice had been helpful, and three in four said that their GP's advice had proved to be accurate.

Consumers who are considering cosmetic surgery are advised to ensure they are fully informed before selecting a surgeon, as there are risks associated with any kind of operation.


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Breast surgery 'not to attract men'
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