Breast cancer risk 'linked to diet'

The risk of developing breast cancer is linked to diet, according to a health professional.

Dr Marilyn Glenville said that it is known that things like cruciferous vegetables and making sure that the body has sufficient vitamin D can help to prevent the onset of breast cancer.

In addition, levels of insulin in women are acknowledged to be a contributing factor.

"The more sugary foods, the more cakes and biscuits that we eat, the more starchy carbohydrates that are refined products are going to increase the risk of breast cancer," she explained.

This is because these foods tend to trigger insulin in the body by promoting blood glucose production.

The comments come after research published in an article by Reuters Health reminded women that a family history of breast cancer is only one risk factor.

In a study of more than 6,000 women over the course of six years, the majority of breast cancer cases that developed were found to be among women with no family history. 


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Breast cancer risk 'linked to diet'
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