Breast cancer 'affected by lifestyle'

Recent research has revealed that the UK's breast cancer levels are over four times as high as those in Eastern Africa.

Researchers and scientists have blamed lifestyle factors for the high levels of the disease.

The World Cancer Research Fund, which published the study, said that scientists estimate that 42 per cent of UK cases could be prevented by maintaining a healthy weight, drinking less alcohol and increasing levels of physical activity.

However, there was some uncertainty regarding the figures due to the fact that the UK has a much better diagnosing and recording system for cancer than Eastern Africa.

Dr Mark Matfield, scientific co-ordinator at the Association for International Cancer Research, commented: "Having fewer children is linked to higher rates of breast cancer. Higher body weight is [linked] to increased rates of breast cancer. More alcohol consumption, use of the contraceptive pill and hormone replacement - these are all things we do in the west but they don't tend to do in East Africa."

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Breast cancer 'affected by lifestyle'
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