Brain scan 'is not a necessary part of health screening'

People have been advised that it is not necessary to get a brain scan if they are going through with a health screening, according to new research.

The study reviewed 20,000 brain scans - the most ever looked at in one report - and found that the people they were being carried out on showed no previous signs of having a brain condition.

Dr Rustam Al-Shahi Salman, a clinician scientist at the University of Edinburgh, claimed that there is not enough evidence to imply that the brain scans are benefitting people or offering them any peace of mind.

He said: "The difficulty with these health check-ups is that in the small number of people who do harbour some undiagnosed brain condition, there is not a clear next step."

The report, published in the British Medical Journal which has been published since 1840, claimed that even if an abnormality is found on the scan, it is often not clear if treatment would actually help.

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Brain scan 'is not a necessary part of health screening'
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