Bra fitting advice after a breast augmentation

With statistics from numerous surveys consistently showing that 80-85% of women are still wearing the wrong size bra, getting the right fit can be a minefield.  

Researchers have shown a general tendency to a back size which is too large (and therefore prone to ride up) with a cup that is too small to hold the breast properly e.g. wearing a 36C instead of 32E. 

In the UK, bra sizes consist of a number, indicating the woman’s torso measurement just beneath the breasts and an alphabetical letter to indicate the cup size; but women cannot simply rely on the labelling to find a bra that fits properly.  Although a standard measurement system is used, sizings are not standardised and can vary between manufacturers.  Even within the same brand, there can be variation caused by the style of the bra so that one will simply fit better than the other in a given size.

Women choosing to have surgery to change the size or shape of their breasts need especially good support, but establishing the right size and fit of bra can be enormously difficult. 

For the intial healing stage after surgery, most surgeons recommend a good post-surgical bra for the first few weeks.  As well as good support, this should include an upper band to apply pressure to your implants, wide, comfortable shoulder straps and front fastenings for ease of use.  Post-surgical bra sizing tends to cover a small range of sizes e.g. 32/34DD and feature lots of adjustment in the hooks and straps to allow a good fit.  Based on the Surgeon’s prediction of eventual cup size, a bra size can be predicted.  Sports bras do not offer the same standards of design. 

However, once the initial healing stage is complete and patients are ready for their first “proper bras” for their new breast sizes, these guidelines are helpful:

  1. Have a proper fitting in a store with a large, well stocked lingerie department
  2. Choose a trained bra fitter, not just a salesperson
  3. Be sure to explain what surgical procedure you have had and how recently
  4. Expect to try on a few bras and don’t settle for anything you are not entirely happy with
  5. Ensure that you have a good fit around the band, cup and straps
  6. Be aware that implanted and/or uplifted breasts tend to be a “perter” shape than natural breasts – check for all over fit
  7. Ensure that your bra provides good structural support – remember, if you have implants then the bra needs to support their weight (nothing too skimpy!)
  8. Consider what style gives your new shape best support – plunge, T-shirt and balcony styles all hold the breasts differently – see what suits you
  9. Enjoy choosing pretty underwear – after surgery, this is time to treat yourself!
  10. A bra size is not for life… get measured and fitted again after 6 months to see if you have changed

Leading Cosmetic Surgery provider The Hospital Group has a team of Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgeons who see literally thousands of patients each year. 

The Company’s spokesperson explained: “Taking good care of your breasts after surgery is vital.  This doesn’t only apply to the first few weeks, where compression and support are instrumental to the healing process.  Before you commit to having a breast augmentation, your Surgeon will discuss your requirements for cup size as well as breast style and shape so that you know what to expect and can plan your post-surgical garments accordingly. 

However, after that initial healing stage, we also advise patients to continue to invest in good underwear. Having Cosmetic Surgery is a big investment – we urge patients to have a professional bra fitting whenever they choose new bras and not compromise on having the right support, so that their implanted and uplifted breasts are well-supported to counter the effects of gravity.

Individual advice is vital as needs do vary. Having a breast enlargement, uplift or reduction is life-changing.  Taking good care of your new breasts will help to ensure that they heal well and maintain their shape.”

The Hospital Group offers breast augmentation, implants, uplift and reduction in highly equipped cosmetic surgery hospitals.  They also supply post-operative bras and chest bands for the initial healing stage.  These are available at the hospital, through the Company’s network of clinics nationwide or in the online shop, which offers a saving of 10%

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Bra fitting advice after a breast augmentation
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