Botox may alleviate depression

New research suggests that people who receive the non-surgical cosmetic treatment Botox may experience relief from symptoms of depression as well as their wrinkles.

A study presented at the annual conference of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors found that Botox injections can help to create a more positive mood.

According to the researchers, the relaxation of the frown muscles leads to less facial feedback for negative emotions, making a negative mood harder to maintain.

Dr Patrick Bowler, medical director of Court House Clinics, said that he was not surprised by the findings as he has noticed the positive effect of Botox on clients with mild depression.

"Despite the current recession we have not seen a decline in the demand for Botox in our clinics," he revealed.

"We now have proof that alongside the 'feel good' factor that a cosmetic treatment can provide, there are also psychological mechanisms at work that show treatments such as Botox that prevent frowning correlate with a more positive mood."

Non-surgical cosmetic treatment clinic Riverbanks recently revealed that some of its patients are so determined to continue with their Botox treatments that they are avoiding paying other bills in order to fund their injections.


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Botox may alleviate depression
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