Botox fastest growing cosmetic treatment in USA

The latest survey from ASAPS, the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, has shown the phenomenal growth of non-surgical treatments and BOTOX in particular in the USA.

There are now nearly 6 times as many non-surgical treatments carried out each year compared to cosmetic surgery procedures.

Comparing the numbers of treatments carried out in 2010 compared to 1997 shows the phenomenal growth in popularity over the last few years:

  • Non-surgical treatments have increased by 228%, while cosmetic surgery procedures have increased by 71%
  • BOTOX anti-wrinkle injections are the most popular non-surgical treatment, accounting for 32% of all non-surgical treatments
  • BOTOX has increased by a staggering 3,641% since 1997
  • Hyaluronic dermal fillers (such as Juvederm) are the 2nd most popular non-surgical treatment.  These temporary fillers were not even available in 1997

A spokesperson for The Hospital Group said: “These are fascinating figures and show that non-surgical treatments such as BOTOX and Juvederm have grown rapidly in a very short space of time.  

The reasons for this are complex.  Firstly, treatments such as Juvederm fillers are relatively new and have grown quickly in popularity to surpass the old permanent filler technology.  

In addition, there is much more awareness of the treatment options; thanks to media coverage, speculation of celebrity treatments, features in the press and on TV.  

Thirdly, once a patient has started using BOTOX and Juvederm, the treatments tend to be repeated a couple of times a year to maintain the benefit; whereas a surgical procedure such as face-lift or breast augmentation may never be repeated in the patient’s lifetime.  

Finally, non-surgical treatments are highly appealing in today’s image conscious society.  They are cheaper and quicker than surgery and can hold back the signs of ageing in a way that no cream or healthy living plan can offer.  They are also a very useful complement to surgery.  For example, patients having a face-lift will very often seek non-surgical treatments as well to get the maximum result from their treatment.

At The Hospital Group, enquiries for non-surgical treatments have increased by 51% so far this year, with more men and women seeking treatments.  We are seeing enquiries for a variety of treatment options.  BOTOX remains very popular, but other options such as chemical skin peel, laser treatments and dermal fillers are seeing phenomenal growth year on year.”

The Hospital Group offers non-surgical treatments in its network of clinics around the UK.  The Company uses Allergan-trained nurses who specialise in the field of aesthetic non-surgical treatments.  Clinics are conveniently located and equipped to offer high standards of comfort and care.

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Botox fastest growing cosmetic treatment in USA
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