Boots to make health checks in-store

PruHealth has a new screening partnership with high-street chemist Boots to make it easier Boots PMI customers to undertake health checks once a year within selected larger Boots stores.

This service offering is a continuation of PruHealth’s pioneering Vitality model that helps its members become healthier by reducing the financial barriers to entry and rewarding members for participation. The Vitality model’s core components consist of education, nutrition, exercise, cessation of smoking and screening and this new benefit will allow customers to accrue more Vitality Points which could lead to reduced premiums.

The service comes less than six months after PruHealth partnered with Boots to provide affordable health insurance to Boots customers.

PruHealth research shows that less than half of the population (49 per cent) know their blood pressure Only 29 per cent know their cholesterol levels (this drops to less than 10 per cent for under 25s). A high street health check provides an excellent and accessible way of discovering this information, which could make the difference between recognising the early signs of heart disease or not.

The health checks are available in selected larger Boots stores and consist of a lifestyle assessment, BMI check, cholesterol and blood pressure measurement and a non-smokers declaration, all to be carried out by the Boots Pharmacy Team. A Boots pharmacist will then provide customers with advice on lifestyle changes they could make to help improve their cardiovascular health, and discuss the actions they could take to work towards their health goals ñ this could include making an appointment to see their GP where results need following up. Where appropriate, the pharmacist will also calculate the percentage risk for the customer of developing cardiovascular disease in the future, and advise them accordingly.

Boots Health Insurance customers have the check for free once per year.


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Boots to make health checks in-store
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