BMI Hospital donates equipment to Haiti hospital appeal

BMI Mount Alvernia Hospital has this month donated surplus medical equipment to the Haiti Hospital Appeal to help improve the healthcare available to the population of Haiti. 

The support provided by the Haiti Hospital Appeal, a charity set up in 2006, has again become an essential lifeline to the island following an outbreak of cholera late last year. Mount Alvernia Hospital became involved with the appeal after the hospital’s Pastoral Care worker Seán Evans, met with Carwyn Hill, Director of the Haiti Hospital Appeal. After hearing the harrowing stories of the Haitians’ suffering, Seán decided to use his position at Mount Alvernia Hospital to help this worthwhile cause. Knowing that a number of medical items at the hospital were due to be replaced with newer equipment, Seán let people at the hospital know about the appeal and departments at the hospital donated their surplus equipment. Items donated include crutches, Zimmer frames, catheters, eye patches, surgical supplies and other much needed medical equipment. 

“Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere and 60 per cent of the population lack access to basic healthcare. That’s why the equipment being donated by Mount Alvernia Hospital is so important. A number of teams donated very generously to this cause and I hope that we can continue to support the appeal in the future,” Seán commented.

Since it was set up in 2006 the Haiti Hospital Appeal has raised over £500,000 to provide better medical care for Haitians on the island. The funds have so far been used to run a hospital, health centre, two respite centers for disabled children, a spinal unit and an emergency ambulance service. This year, the charity has also funded the opening of a new spinal care unit on the island. 

Executive Director Eileen Scrase of BMI Mount Alvernia Hospital said, "As a well equipped hospital we know how lucky we are to be able to provide an excellent standard of healthcare to our patients. That is why we can understand the frustrations of the excellent medical staff in Haiti who are being limited by the lack of essential medical supplies on the island. Hearing about the appeal and the unfortunate conditions that Haitians are coping with made us want look at how we can help. The work of the Haiti Hospital Appeal is really bought to life when you hear the stories of hope and survival from the island. All the staff at Mount Alvernia Hospital is proud to be supporting the appeal and we hope to provide more equipment in the near future”

A story if survival from Haiti: Baby Grace

Some months before the earthquake hit Haiti, a new born baby, Grace, was found abandoned at the Government Hospital on the island. She had Hydrocephalus, a condition where fluid collects on the brain causing the skull to swell. Staff believed the progression of her disease to be so bad that she was given only months to live. She was put into the care of the Haiti Hospital Appeal’s community care unit where they were to look after her until the end of her life. After complex neurosurgery to provide Grace with a shunt to drain the fluid from her head, the charity funded the care provided during her recovery, and have arranged foster parents for her. Grace is now doing well and her condition has drastically improved. From thinking that she was less than months from death, Grace is now well on the road to recovery.  Grace’s case highlights how important the work of the Haiti Hospital Appeal is to the people who live on the island day to day. This is an appeal that has become ever more important with the earthquake and cholera disasters.

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BMI Hospital donates equipment to Haiti hospital appeal
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