Binge drinking 'storing up problems'

Britons are storing up future health problems for themselves by indulging in binge drinking.

This is the view of Dr Evelyn Gillan, the chief executive of Alcohol Scotland.

Dr Gillan called for Brits to tackle the idea that binge drinking is an acceptable practice.

"Alcohol has been linked to 60 diseases and this is yet more evidence which should act as a wake-up call," she said.

"Put simply, we need to drink less."

The comments follow research published in the British Medical Journal suggesting that there is a link between binge drinking and heart disease.

According to the study, drinking the same amount of alcohol spread across a number of days results in a lower risk of heart disease than drinking it all on one day.

Dr Gillan also suggested that "irresponsible pricing practices" were fuelling excessive consumption in the UK.

"You may feel like you're getting a bargain at the till, but as this study shows, you may end up paying a bigger price later in life," she explained.

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Binge drinking 'storing up problems'
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