Better visual results from new tummy tuck op

A new tummy tuck procedure has been developed which provides patients with a visible midline contour.

Traditional tummy tuck procedures often damage the abdominal wall, eliminating the vertical midline contour which is characteristic of well-defined abdominal muscles.

However, the new procedure, which has achieved excellent results among the first 25 procedures carried out, establishes a clearly visible contour.

Dr Steve Laverson of the Feel Beautiful plastic surgery clinic in Carlsbad, California, commented: "When performed on selected patients this technique can enhance the aesthetic results of abdominoplasty without increasing undesired results or complications."

According to Dr Laverson, it is an exciting time for cosmetic surgery, as technological advancements are increasing the safety and quality of results, meaning that a more diverse range of patients are now undergoing procedures.

"However, consumers should be fully advised of risks before consenting to any procedure," he warned.

The new technique is described in the Journal of Aesthetic Surgery.

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Better visual results from new tummy tuck op
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