Belly button makeover could be next trend

Cosmetic surgeons are constantly developing new techniques to enhance patients' appearance and the latest craze set to take off is reported to be the belly button makeover.

A growing number of people are requesting cosmetic surgery operations to improve their belly button, a procedure known as umbilicoplasty, CBS4 reports.

Although the belly button's shape is formed at birth, some peoples' change if they experience extreme weight gain, such as during pregnancy, according to Los Angeles surgeon Dr Brent Moelleken.

Dr Moelleken explained: "The best candidate for a belly button makeover is someone whose belly button is just not right for whatever reason. Usually it's an 'outie' but sometimes it can be a belly button that's sunk in because the other layers are bulging out."

Umbilicoplasty is performed under a local anaesthetic and takes between 30 and 90 minutes, with patients usually recovering from the procedure within seven days.

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Belly button makeover could be next trend
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