'Ban junk food placement' to prevent childhood obesity

There have been calls to ban junk food product placements before the 21:00 GMT watershed in order to prevent the rising problem of childhood obesity.

Earlier this month (December 20th), it was announced by Ofcom that paid-for product placement in TV programmes will be allowed for the first time in the UK.

However, a number of rules will govern the practice, which is generally associated with US programmes.

As part of this the regulator confirmed that junk food placements will not be allowed in any UK-made programmes or dedicated children's programmes made abroad.

However, the British Heart Foundation is keen to extend this to a complete pre-watershed ban on placements of products that are high in fat, salt and sugar.

Policy manager at the charity Beatrice Brooke explained: "Popular family shows made abroad, such as American Idol, are watched by children in the UK each week, so they will still be very much affected by product placement despite the proposed restrictions.

"As childhood obesity continues to rise, it's unbelievable that food firms will be able to continue targeting children by glamorising their unhealthy products in trendy pre-watershed TV shows made abroad."


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'Ban junk food placement' to prevent childhood obesity
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