Bad posture at work 'can lead to back pain'

People have been urged to improve their posture while at work.

Adam Dallison, registered osteopath and inventor of PosturePlast, said that those who slouch at their desks are doing damage to their backs.

He explained that ligaments in the spine can be stretched when people do not sit at their desks properly and as a result they will cease to function correctly.

The expert added that poor posture also causes muscle problems.

"Slouching requires the muscles to take over and this causes fatigue, which is one reason we ache more at the end of the day after slouching," he stated.

Mr Dallison said that those with private healthcare could book physiotherapy and osteopathy sessions to reduce their pain as it is quite difficult to self treat. explained that persistent back pain is no longer a warning system to alert a person to tissue damage and those suffering should try to stay active.

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Bad posture at work 'can lead to back pain'
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