Baby born after pioneering infertility treatment

The first baby to be born in the UK following a pioneering infertility treatment was welcomed on July 23rd.

Evie Bloomer's mother, Rebecca, fell pregnant after trying to conceive ever since her marriage to Ian in 2001.

The 28-year-old had been diagnosed with endometriosis, which can make it difficult to become pregnant.

However, she agreed to try a new infertility treatment technique called embryo vitrification, in which embryos are frozen to -196 degrees C.

Conventional slow freezing has a poor success rate as ice crystals form and can damage the embryo as it is thawed.

Lyndon Miles, head of embryology and andrology for IVF Wales, explained: "Vitrification differs from traditional cooling and storing techniques in that it allows instantaneous 'glass-like' solidification of eggs and embryos without the formation of ice crystals.

"Since no ice crystals form, a much greater percentage of embryos survive thawing following vitrification."

Mrs Bloomer urged other women to take comfort from the news of her daughter's birth.

She said: "I hope that if anybody going through treatment sees us and sees Evie it gives them one last little bit of hope to go for it."

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Baby born after pioneering infertility treatment
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