BAAPS issues statement about PIP implants

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has moved to allay fears that some people may have regarding PIP implants used in breast surgery.

Members of BAAPS were asked to participate in recent talks to advise the government on the issue.

President of the group Fazel Fatah said that it agreed with the government's findings that PIP implants do not increase a person's risk of cancer.

However, the consultant plastic surgeon added that the silicone and additives used in their construction may not be bio-compatible and can lead to inflammation and scarring.

BAAPS also commended private cosmetic surgery providers for the level of care they had given to patients who had developed adverse breast symptoms.

Last month, the group explained that there was no need for women who had previously had surgery with PIP implants to have them removed.

The issue came to light when a recent report in France linked PIP implants to anaplastic large cell lymphoma.


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BAAPS issues statement about PIP implants
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