BAAPS calls for cosmetic surgery regulation

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has added to calls for a regulatory body to monitor the industry.

Amid a flurry of false PR claims from certain cosmetic surgeons, BAAPS has called for the better governing and awareness of issues in the cosmetic surgery industry.

BAAPS president Nigel Mercer, said: "It is important that the public are aware of the marketing that goes on in the cosmetic industry and the outrageous claims that can be made by the PR machines of some businesses and some surgeons."

He urged the public to check if their prospective surgeon is listed on the GMC website which only lists those who have received full surgical training in the UK.

Mr Mercer called for official government regulations to be put in place to protect the public.

He said: "We have seen what a lack of regulation has done for banks and for the British Parliament. There is a British Potato Council so why not an OffCos [official cosmetic surgery regulator]? Surgeons can do more harm than potatoes…!"

Currently, the law states that as long as the patient gives their permission, whoever performs the cosmetic treatment does not need to be surgically qualified.


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BAAPS calls for cosmetic surgery regulation
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