AXA has launched its first integrated marketing campaign. The £20million campaign entitled ‘why not' highlights what makes the insurer different with the central message ‘Where others ask why? AXA asks ‘why not?' The campaign reflects what it stands for and what customers can expect when they buy insurance.

The new brand campaign promotes core business lines-including healthcare. Kicking off on TV in early February, the campaign brings to life the brand positioning through a clear articulation of how it can be trusted to listen to and respond to customer needs. How it demonstrates this in reality is illustrated with the products and services that highlight how it does things differently.

The health insurer’s heart and cancer commitment provides dedicated nurses that offer extra support to customers at a time of need.

The campaign leads with TV adverts to support health insurance. Fantasy situations are used to show the aspirations that people have.

Cheryl Toner of AXA says, "Our research clearly shows that our customers want something that the industry norm does not provide. We are demonstrating how our offer differs from the traditional insurance industry and how we are pushing the boundaries of product development and service to reflect customer needs. It is not simply a new set of advertisements, it is about what customers can expect when they choose to do business with us."

The campaign is supported on line with a website where customers can let the insurer know what they would like to see from them as well as hear from customers about their own experiences.


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