Avantis Health self-funded healthcare plans for Ireland

With thousands of people having already dumped their health insurance covers in Ireland, and the future direction of two of the three main Irish health insurers uncertain, it is an ideal time for an alternative.

Avantis Health has launched self-funded healthcare that allows Irish consumers to control, fund and manage their own healthcare spending. Consumers effectively self-insure; paying for their own medical costs and offering a reliable alternative to ever increasing health insurance premiums. Consumers save for their healthcare requirements using health savings accounts in mainstream banks. Risk management products such as a critical illness policy, or hospital cash policies can be added to manage the financial risk of serious illness. Avantis Health, a professional healthcare purchaser, sources and purchases any treatments required on behalf of the patient, therefore getting substantial discounts.

Orla Fahy of Avantis Health says, "Self-funded health care is an international norm. With the cost of health insurance policies rising to unsustainable highs, this is an important alternative for Irish consumers and businesses. Avantis Health has a proven track record across Europe of sourcing quality, cost effective medical treatment in a transparent, efficient way. Unlike health insurance, our service allows consumers to remain in control of their heath spending and have a say in how their money is being spent. Our research shows Irish patients are paying more for a range of medical treatments than anyone else in Europe. With Avantis Health, Irish consumers can enjoy the same value for money enjoyed by their European counterparts"

As well as working with Irish hospitals and clinics, Avantis Health also offers access to a global network of treatment providers in eleven countries which can result in significant savings on elective treatments, cosmetic surgery, dental care, laser eye treatments, IVF and hundreds of other procedures.

Once a treatment is required, members can request the treatment either in Ireland or abroad. Avantis Health will seek quotations from its global provider network on the patient’s behalf. Considerable discounts can be achieved through bulk buying for all members. Following consultation with their doctor/medical advisor, the member then selects the quotation that best meets his/her requirements. Avantis Health then draws up an agreement between the hospital/dental provider and the patient to purchase the treatment.

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Avantis Health self-funded healthcare plans for Ireland
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