Aspirin 'cuts bowel cancer risk'

Recent research has revealed that taking a daily dose of aspirin can reduce the risk of developing bowel cancer.

Published in the Lancet, the study found that the common drug could also reduce the likelihood of mortality from the disease.

The research looked at patients taking daily doses of at least 75mg of aspirin over the course of several years.

Dr Mark Matfield, scientific co-ordinator for the Association for International Cancer Research, said that there is "now enough reliable scientific evidence to be confident that the long-term use of aspirin - and some other, familiar drugs - reduces the risk of bowel cancer".

However, the doctor warned that research is still ongoing and people who are at risk of developing bowel cancer should wait until more is known about the side effects of taking aspirin everyday because many of these side effects can have serious consequences, such as internal bleeding.

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Aspirin 'cuts bowel cancer risk'
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