Asian women rely on gold to prevent ageing

The inevitable signs of ageing are being eliminated with the help of pure gold thread in cosmetic surgery clinics across South Korea and Singapore.

South Korean surgeons claim to have treated around 400 people in the last three years, smoothing wrinkles by inserting the precious metal under the facial skin.

The thread is claimed to help promote the growth of new collagen, making the skin visibly tighter within just two months, the New Straits Times reports.

Two threads are used in the unusual procedure – one made from pure 24carat gold and the other from gold woven with polyglycol acid.

The method has stemmed from the traditional Malay practice of susuk, where a precious metal is inserted underneath the skin to promote a youthful appearance, and the technique is therefore becoming popular among wealthy south-east Asian women.

A full face treatment costs from around £670.


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Asian women rely on gold to prevent ageing
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