With over 1.12 million people from the UK expected to take part in winter sports this year, Direct Line warns travellers who aim to save money by going uninsured, that they could be in for a shock should if they have an accident.

A common injury on the slopes, such as a lower limb fracture, would result in private clinic surgery costs of up to £5,000. Additionally there could be a further £2,000 in costs for helicopter mountain rescue. Wrist, knee and lower limb damage are the most common injuries seen on the slopes with average medical costs ranging from £750 to £1,500.

Annette Fox for Direct Line says, "People need to be more aware of the costs associated with winter sports when the worst happens.  With enthusiasts becoming more adventurous on the slopes, it is important they have winter sports and medical expenses insurance cover, for whatever type of activity they plan to do."

Travellers should be aware that there are other elements of medical care that could be required, resulting in further costs. For example, an intensive care ambulance used for medical repatriation for serious cases such as head injuries can cost up to £10,000 from Geneva to London.



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