Disliking noise in pubs, struggling with technology, and forgetting people's names are just some of the signs of getting old, says a study of 2000 people that looked at perceptions of age and what people think are the getting old give-aways.

Failing to recognise any of the songs in the top 10; moving from Radio One to Radio Two; and complaining about what is on television were all highlighted as key ageing indicators by the poll, which was conducted across all adult age groups. Other included choosing clothes for comfort over style, losing hair, and taking a keen interest in the garden. The top three signs of ageing highlighted by the poll were: falling asleep in front of the television, feeling stiff, and groaning when you bend down.

Tina Clare at Engage Mutual says, "When we looked at what people of all ages thought about ageing, it was interesting to see to what degree it was felt that lifestyle and behaviour indicate old age. Some of the physical signs of ageing highlighted include changes in appearance - such as ears, nose and eyebrows becoming more hairy. A tendency to misplace objects, like glasses or car keys, or generally complain more were others.”


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